ADRIATICO has invaded the bars and ice cream shops (yes, yes) at La Felicità (Big Mamma) in Paris. This exciting partnership brings together two beloved brands to create a unique experience for food and cocktail enthusiasts. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or a food lover, this collaboration offers something for everyone. The newly ADRIATICO terrace provide the perfect setting to enjoy a leisurely meal or sip on a signature cocktail while taking in the bustling energy of Paris.


La Felicità is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious Italian cuisine. With the addition of Amaretto ADRIATICO's expertise in crafting exquisite cocktails, guests can look forward to a new menu featuring innovative drinks and delectable dishes.

Two new cocktails were created for the collaboration LA FELICITÀ X ADRIATICO :


  • ADRIATICO Bianco
  • Vodka Sky
  • Grand Marnier
  • Yellow Lemon

Chic and pure for almond lovers. 


  • Rhum Planteray 3 stars
  • Rhum Planteray Original Dark
  • ADRIATICO Roasted
  • Banana juice
  • Maracuja
  • Lime

Exotic and colorful for almond lovers with a fruity twist.

For an intense and refreshing moment discover the new amaretto ice cream made with amaretto ADRIATICO with almonds straight from Puglia, 100% made in Italy.


Don't miss the opportunity to discover the exciting new collaboration between La Felicità and Amaretto ADRIATICO. Indulge in a culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavors of Italy and the vibrant spirit of Paris. Enjoy Amaretto ADRIATICO at La Felicità for an aperitif, a snack or both.