French connection cocktail kit

French connection cocktail kit

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What is it ?

One of the easiest cocktail in the world, and yet a most sophisticated one that is a lot more than the sum of its parts : 50% Cognac, 50% Amaretto, for a stylish slow-sipper !


Some facts about the French Connection

• The French Connection is part of International Bartender Association’s IBA official cocktails list.

• Legend says it was invented in the 70s, named after the 1971 movie of the same name with Gene Hackman.

• A proper French Connection requires a very aromatic cognac and a dry amaretto, in order to guarantee a good balance of sweet and roasted notes.

How did we twist
the recipe ?

CAMUS Ile de Ré Fine Island :

An island Cognac with a bold personality, naturally iodine-rich, with a lively dry and subtly oaked palate

AMARETTO Adriatico : Crafted with handpicked Italian almonds, carefully roasted and distilled

The secret

Amaretto Adriatico’s recipe includes a pinch of sea salt which matches perfectly with the fresh, marine notes of CAMUS Ile de Ré Fine Island





To offer you an all-inclusive experience with our kit, we include a tumbler and a cocktail spoon : you need ice only.

The perfect recipe

5cl Camus Ile de Ré fine island 5cl Amaretto Adriatico



Pour the Cognac and the Amaretto directly in the tumbler.

Add your ice cubes to fill completely the glass and gently stir for about 30 seconds using your cocktail spoon.
If you prefer a lighter cocktail, stir up to 1 minute in order to increase the dilution.

Serve !
If you like citrusy notes, you can garnish with an orange zest.



Enjoy your perfect french connection : cheers !


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