What an edition this 2023 RBS!

This crucial Italian Bar Convent concentrates all the most influential brands of the industry, but never in a too static or dull way, but more in a interactive, modern and appealing event. 

ADRIATICO, of course, was there, hosted by the amazing Velier’s stand, where our bartenders mixed two specifically chosen cocktails for the audience: Our Flagship “ADRIATICO SOUR” and the Low-ABV alternative “EASY SQUEEZY”. The cocktails had a huge success, for both the expert drinkers and the novel tasters. The simplicity of ADRIATICO cocktails is always been the key to a minimalistic and elegant approach to the tasting, focusing more on the high quality of every product and the balance of every element. 

But the day didn’t end there..

We had another ace up our sleeve, the BIBITARO Project. But what’s a bibitaro?We all have in mind the image of when in the 30s, 40s, 50s the “usherettes” used to sell candies and other goods between the seat rows at the cinemas. In our vision of an usherette, the show was held by our Massimo D’Addezio, a true superstar in Rome, head bartender at the majestic Chorus Bar. So, with the help of the (really!) powerful voice of Massimo, the handmade vegan Almond Ice-Cream made by the “Gelatone” staff, and a generous pour of ADRIATICO, we created an event inside the event. The BIBITARO project consisted in fact, in strolling around the whole perimeter of the fair, preparing an express “affogato” with an ice cream ball with ADRIATICO poured on top in real time. Needless to say, with the incredible Massimo’s showman skills, and the irresistible taste of the ice cream served with ADRIATICO, the whole performance has been an absolute success. 

It was held in the Palazzo dei Congressi, a beautiful marble palace in the heart of the EUR area in Rome. It also hosts the annual round of the Italian’s Worldclass competition, one of the major contest in the bartending universe.



Can’t wait to be there the next year!