ADRIATICO Italian Ceramic Moka Set

ADRIATICO Italian Ceramic Moka Set

 This Italian Ceramic Moka set, handmade in Italy, features a traditional yet stylish design. It includes a Moka and two ceramic cups for a complete coffee experience. Crafted from high-quality materials, this set offers the perfect blend of functionality and style. Enjoy your morning espresso in true Italian fashion.

Our two sets in limited edition are available now: 


The best way to use your Italian Ceramic Moka Set is to create the Caffè Leccese Cocktail (Boozy Cappucino) made with the exquisite Amaretto ADRIATICO Bianco.

Caffè Leccese is a traditional Italian coffee drink that originates from the town of Lecce in the southern region of Puglia. It is made with espresso, almond milk, and sugar, creating a rich and creamy beverage that is enjoyed by many Italians. With its high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship, Amaretto ADRIATICO Bianco is the perfect choice for this cocktail recipe.

If you are you looking for a unique and refreshing cocktail to enjoy on a warm summer evening, Caffè Leccese is the cocktail you definitely need.